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Wow. It’s been a really long time since we acquired the rough for these stones . . . probably at least 6 months . . . remember these pictures from ages ago?

Well, that’s handmade for ya. It takes time to make and complete. Each one is cut by our own hands. Good news is, we finally have some that are listed for sale! Before you go buy-button happy, can we talk about that big ol’ chunk of ocean jasper?? Ouch. It’s so gorgeous, it hurts.

Ocean jasper is one of the most rare jaspers out there. Why? Because it can only be mined a couple months out of the year at low tide and only in one location in the entire world – under the ocean (hence its name) off the coast of Madagascar. Ok, now, go shopping!

Left: Ocean Jasper Bead Pendant. Natural. Cog Wheel Pattern. Floating Orbs, Mystery Clouds, and Monster Eyes. 1 pc. 49 cts. 16x63x6.5 mm (OJ176).  $52.99  Buy It

Right:  Ocean Jasper Bead Pendant. Natural. Floating Orbs, Mystery Clouds, and Monster Eyes. 1 pc. 49 cts. 12x49x8 mm (OJ175)  $49.99 Buy It

Click here to buy more Ocean Jasper.


Blue Chalcedony Rough - Siam Gem Palace

So lately I’ve been obsessing over this gorgeous periwinkle blue. There’s something about this shade of blue that is just very calming and still elegant. I’ve talked about this a lot – the fact that this stone was a favorite of one of my personal favorite jewelry designers of all time – Suzannne Belperron – who designed this gorgeous suite of jewels for the Duchess of Windsor Wallace Simpson:

Those matching bangles . . . I can’t. Even. *wiping drool* Ok, so, we listed some blue chalcedony beauties of our own. Gorgeous stuff!

Left: Natural Blue Chalcedony Beads. Periwinkle Color with Banding. Polished Surfaces. Rough Sides. Matched Pair. 2 pc. 48 cts. 12x40x5 mm $36.99  Buy It

Right: XXL Natural Blue Chalcedony Faceted Cabochon. AAA Quality. Translucent Grayish Periwinkle. Micro Facet. 1 pc. 61 cts. 19x25x12 mm (CH582) $109.99  Buy It

Click here to buy more Blue Chalcedony.


{Do I need to remind you that 99% of our stones are OOAK? Get it before it’s gone forever.}


1. Ruby In Fuchsite Cabochon. Natural Gemstone. RARE. Teal Background Color. Freeform. 1 pc. 4.07 cts. 9×13.5×3 mm (FC102) $24.99  Buy It

2. Natural Amethyst. Heart Shaped Gemstone. Slight Color Zoning. 1 pc. 2.28 cts. 9×9 mm (AM1423) $36.99  Buy It

3. Turkish Purple Jade Cab. Gem-Quality Rare 100% Natural Jadeite. Micro Facet Cut. Collector’s Stone. 1 pc. 20.32 cts. 13x30x7 mm (JD413) $59.99  Buy It

4. Natural Iolite Marquise Gemstone. Dichroic Stone. Native Cut. Set Table Down For Rose Cut Effect. 1 pc. 3.0 ct. 7x14x5 mm (IO356) $29.99  Buy It

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