Pencil Jewelry!

Celebrating pencil day

Did you know that March 30 is Pencil Day? Me either. Until Pee-wee Herman told me about it. Which got me thinking about pencil-inspired jewelry, of course. Italian artist Maria Cristina Bellucci does incredible things with colored pencils. How she melds the colors together to create visual harmony and creates interesting organic forms at the same time is inspiring which just goes to show that the humblest of materials can be turned into sublime creations by our hands and imagination.

Maria Cristina Bellucci Colored Pencils Bracelet

The shape of these donut rings are so tactile to me. I just want to touch them and put them on!




Maria Cristina Bellucci Colored Pencils Bracelet

Made entirely from wood and pencils or sometimes lined in silver, her creations are truly one-of-a-kind and I love all the colors!


Her work is exhibited in galleries and competitions all over the world. You can read more about her philosophy and her journey from working as a costume designer for stage to how she got started making pencil jewelry here.

I think till nowadays we use only a little part of our potential as humans. We are too rational and for this we have not the possibility to be really free and happy.

Well folks, I’ll leave you with that quote from Maria’s bio on her website which I find very true and inspiring.

‘Til next time. x Bex

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