Cherry Blossom Stone “Sakura Ishi”

Mineralogical Oddity from Japan

In central Japan, a mineral known as sakura ishi (translated: cherry blossom stone) is found lodged in a fine-grained rock called hornfels. What is so intriguing about them is their uncanny resemblance to Japan’s iconic national flower – sakura – or cherry blossom.

Cherry Blossom Stone "Sakura Ishi"

Sakura Ishi – a mica after cordierite pseudomorph found only in central Japan

Sakura ishi is a mica after cordierite pseudomorph. Pseudomorphs occur when one mineral slowly replaces another but retains the original shape, appearance, and dimensions.

These rare & amazing trapiche patterned stones were a big hit when I first posted them on FB and Instagram while I was still traveling – so many likes and comments! So I KNOW you’re interested!!

Cherry Blossom Stone "Sakura Ishi"

Couldn’t wait to show off – taking a picture of my newly acquired cherry blossom stones in the hotel room

This is a fascinating article on just how cool and rare their formation is:

They will come in 3 prices, $11.99, $19.99, and $24.99 depending on how pink and clear the sakura pattern is on the specimen.

In my description, I said I don’t recommend setting these into jewelry … however, I would actually encourage some experimentation in that department. I think it could work if you first use a sealant to ‘seal’ everything in as the mica might be a bit crumbly. Then bezel set it and use it only for a necklace (nothing that would touch any moisture). I know that the Japanese do use a glue and water mixture to seal it sometimes. Let me know how it turns out!
* remember to use a non-yellowing sealant – one that dries clear.

Or, just treasure them as-is. Each stone will come in its own acrylic presentation box – a perfect gift for that gem nerd or rock hound in your life!

Click here to buy Cherry Blossom Stones.

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