Gift No. 3

image Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 

#3  Antique Stick Pins

Ladies. I’ve got a secret . . . antique stick pins make great gifts for the gentlemen in your lives. Traditionally worn by men to anchor their ties, these days they are enjoying a revival as a lapel ornament. What’s more, they are a very affordable antique jewelry item. You can easily find gold and gem-set stick pins for less than the price of a new iPhone.

So how does one wear a stick pin? Because you know you’ll have to explain this to your guy. If worn traditionally, the pin should go through both layers of his tie and his shirt then back up through the bottom layer of his tie and be located right below the dimple of the tie. See the Victorian gentleman and Prince Charles’ photos below.

If worn as a lapel ornament then anything goes, but most of the time, the pin is worn vertically near the notch of the lapel.

You can find some wonderful pins online. DK Bressler has a large collection. Lang Antiques has some seriously jaw-dropping ones for sale right on their website. You could also find large collections of stick pins up for sale at auction houses like Skinner Inc. which now accepts online bidding. And of course, you can still find some great deals on eBay if you watch it like a hawk!

Don’t let the men have all the fun though – most stick pins can be easily converted into rings or pendants so they would be great for all the fabulous gals in your lives too!


p.s. This post along with all other posts on my blog are NOT sponsored. I simply pick things I like and things I think you would like without receiving any monetary (or other types) of compensation. If in the future this changes, it will be clearly indicated as such.
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