Interviews: Tara Hutchinson

 Tara Hutchinson Wounded Warrior & Jewelry Maker Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Today I’m truly inspired to talk with Tara Hutchinson &#…

Graduate Gemologist Doyle Jewelry Specialist Emily Marchick
Interviews: Emily Marchick

 Emily Marchick Associate Director & Jewelry Specialist at Doyle Beverly Hills Today I’m super exc…

Erté’s Precious Stones

I’m a big fan of the Russian/French artist and designer Erté. Over the years, I’ve familia…


Mexican designer Carmen Zambrano of jewelry line LUSASUL designs bold jewelry pieces in simple forms. …

Tourmaline in quartz matrix

Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix

Green tourmaline is one of the premier stones for self-healing. It helps us to find a new direction, rediscover lost goals and ideas and …

AAA Moonstone by Siam Gem Palace
M for Moonstone

Moonstone:  Moonstone is the trade name of the variety feldspar bel…

Museum quality malachite by Siam Gem Palace
M for Malachite

Malachite:  A vibrant green stone, malachite takes its color from c…

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